12 Year’s Old with 5 American Powerlifting Records

Jacksonville’s own Katie Griffin, at just 12 years of age set 5 new American powerlifting records in the youth 72kg weight class this March, at her first competition!

Just over two years ago, Katie and her mother joined Steel Mill CrossFit when Katie was 10 years old. Katie had previously competed in gymnastics, which gave her a strong base for CrossFit. After learning how to move and lift weight properly and safely, at the age of 11 Katie was showing so much progress her coach Bill Davis decided that she needed some more specialized training.

Katie immediately excelled in her performance and has continued to do so. She has now competed in CrossFit competitions medaled in USAW Olympic weightlifting competitions and this month medaled at her first USAPL Powerlifting competition.

5 American records-3Sunday March 20th, Katie walked up to the platform in Orlando for her final lift. It was to be her fifth American record of the day. Having already set two records in the squat, and two records in the bench press. Set up for her final deadlift, in front of three national judges and a crowd full of people cheering her on. At 12 years old, she is attempting to deadlift 203 pounds. She goes for it, you can tell by the look on her face that she’s giving everything she’s got. Slowly the weight moves up, the judges watching and waiting for her to complete the movement with perfect form. She does it! Standing tall, beaming with joy, the crowd goes wild! She rushes to get a huge hug from her coach Bill.


[su_quote]Bill Davis, This day has been two years in the making and will set not only her but many other young girls on a path into strength sports. A place where girls can be proud of being strong.[/su_quote]

In the months since Katie has been competing she has helped inspire and attract other youth athletes in the gym. She currently trains with three other girls at or near her age and is looked upon as a role model for what is possible with hard work. Any youth is welcome to this program regardless of sport or experience. On a typical night you can walk into Steel Mill CrossFit and find the nightly CrossFit classes finishing up, the ladies boot camp, the youth athletes lifting, personal training session going on, and CrossFit athletes working hard into the night, all of them working towards a personal goal.

Her coach, Bill Davis, is the head trainer at Steel Mill CrossFit. He holds numerous certifications and has worked with elderly, youth, and adaptive athletes. He has made a name for himself and shown a knack for working with younger athletes. He has coached athletes in the sports of CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and Powerlifting. Aside from the normal gym members, Coach Bill has worked with many of the areas youth in strength and conditioning to help them excel in their chosen sport. He has worked with athletes that compete in football, baseball, softball, track, lacrosse, soccer, CrossFit, weightlifting, and now powerlifting.




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