Local CrossFit Athletes Advance to Regionals

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“Every CrossFitter secretly believes that the people in their box will be the ones to survive the zombie apocalypse.”

  • Learning to Breathe Fire: The Rise of CrossFit and the Primal Future of Fitness

The path to Regionals for an athlete is a tough one. Just like top athletes in any sport, many sacrifices are made in regards to fitness, nutrition and lifestyle to best prepare the athlete to compete at this level. Several local athletes in the 904 have successfully completed this journey and face off this weekend May 15-17 at Regionals competition at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Started in 2003 by Greg Glassman in Santa Cruz, California, CrossFit is a fitness regime that was developed over several decades while Glassman was working as a personal trainer. CrossFit is “a regimen of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity in a communal environment”. ( Athletes perform high-intensity movements based on theories from Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics and more. Since 2003 CrossFit has exploded in popularity. There are now over 11,000 affiliated CrossFit gyms (called “boxes” by members) in the world. Over 40 of those gyms are located in the 904.

In 2007, CrossFit launched the inaugural CrossFit games in Aromas, California with a group of about 70 athletes in an attempt to find the fittest man and woman on Earth. “We claim to title the Fittest on Earth, and we can do that because we as a fitness methodology have defined fitness. No one else is testing fitness, and at this point, no one can make a claim.” says Dave Castro, Director of the Games.

Now in their 9th year, the CrossFit Games still focus on the same primary goal: to find the Fittest on EarthTM – especially since the average regionals athlete in 2015 is significantly more capable compared to the world’s best in 2007.  The CrossFit Games start with the CrossFit Open in February. Anyone in the world can participate in the Open for a $20 entry fee regardless of their membership status with a CrossFit affiliate. Athletes are invited to participate in five workouts over five weeks. All athletes across the world complete the same exact workout. Each workout (called a “WOD” or “Workout of the Day” by members) is released one week apart on a Thursday evening at 8 pm EST. Participants of the Open then have until Monday at 8 pm to submit their score through the website.

All workouts submitted must be validated ensuring movements were performed correctly according to CrossFit standards. The majority of athletes perform these workouts at a CrossFit affiliate who will then validate their score vouching that the athlete performed the movements according to standards. Athlete’s can also perform the workouts anywhere they want given they submit a video of their performance which will then be validated by the local CrossFit community.

Top masters athletes in five age divisions are invited to compete in the Masters Qualifier. The masters are divided into five male and female age categories, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60-plus. From there, the top 20 masters athletes worldwide are invited to compete at the CrossFit Games.

All participating athletes are then ranked worldwide and according to their region. The fittest individual athletes and teams from each region are invited to advance to regionals. A three-day competition, Regionals are held at 8 different locations throughout the world spread out over three different weekends in May. Once all 8 regionals competitions have been completed, the top 40 men and 40 women will advance to the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games held at the StubHub Center in Carson, California.


There are 40 men and 40 women that will be competing at this year’s Atlantic Regionals event May 15-17 at the Georgia World Congress Center – Atlanta, Georgia. Of those competing, four are from the Jacksonville area each with their own athletic background, careers and individual training protocol.
Christine Anastario

Anastario,ChristineChristine Anastario

CrossFit Duval, 29, F

Open Score In SouthEast Region: Rank 18 | Total Points (322)

Bored working out solo, Christine Anastario turned to CrossFit at the suggestion of a friend. An athletic background playing competitive soccer at the high school and collegiate level drew Christine to tearing her ACL three times. The conversion to CrossFit was instant with the first workout. She typically trains 5 days a week but has been training 6 days a week to prepare for regionals. Regardless, she firmly believes rest days are important.

Christine struggles to compete at this level while working full time as a sales representative for a medical supply company and still enjoy life outside of work and the gym. Traveling two weeks of the month does not stop her from training. CrossFit’s open door policy allows her to drop into boxes while on the road.

First Wod: Isabel

Most Memorable WOD: Fran

Christine’s advice for those already participating in CrossFit: “Be humble, learn from your mistakes and experiences, and stay positive. Work harder on your weaknesses than your strengths. The only thing that will hold you back is yourself.”

Christine Anastario Christine Anastario


Mark Hutchinson

Hutchinson, MarkMark Hutchinson 

CrossFit Dominus,  27, M

Instagram: the__hutchman

Facebook: Mark Hutchinson

Open Score In SouthEast Region: Rank 19 | Total Points (331)

While Mark Hutchinson has only only been doing crossfit for 1 year, he wasted no time quickly making a name for himself in CrossFit circles. Mark has a background in high school and collegiate football and track and field (Go Bulls!) earning himself the title of State Champion in both sports. While he works at the family car dealership (his brother is his boss), he still manages to find time to train 3 hours every day as well as active recovery days full of outdoor activities such as swimming, paddle boarding, surfing, and wakeboarding.

First Wod:  14.1 “I thought if I could learn how to do a double under this might be fun!”

Worst Wod: The Iron Triathlon. “If you don’t know what it is look it up! It only took 2 hours!“

Advice for someone considering trying CrossFit: “Have fun! come in and crack jokes and enjoy your time at the box! You won’t find a better group of people!”

Advice for those already CrossFitting: “Have fun and help out the newcomers, because we have all been there before!”

Mark Hutchinson


Colleen Lehane

Lehane, ColleenColleen Lehane

Crucible CrossFit, 28, F

Instagram: colleen26cf

Facebook: Colleen Lehane

Open Score In SouthEast Region: Rank 9 | Total Points (176)

Colleen Lehane definitely lives, eats and breathes the CrossFit lifestyle. Co-owner of Crucible Crossfit with her boyfriend, Lance Scott, Colleen squeezes in 2-3 hours of training throughout the day in between training sessions with classes and clients. Her background as a swimmer led her to become a Division One collegiate athlete at Florida Atlantic as a 200 flyer as well as the 200 and 500 free.

First WOD: Filthy 50 “My reps were terrible, I didn’t know what I was doing, I had never been so sore, but I was hooked and in love.”   Worst WOD: 150 calories on an air assault bike after a swim followed by a soft sand run.

Colleen LehaneMost Memorable WOD: Regionals 2013 during the Chipper or dubz, hspu, and walking lunges. “I had one of my best performances ever. I got out in front and stayed there. Definitely stands to be the most fun! And I love chippers!! “

Advice for someone considering trying CrossFit: “Take your time! Start small, learn the basics and make your way up the ladder. You’ll be more successful long term by trusting the process.  Mechanics first.”

Advice for those already CrossFitting: “Trust the process and have fun. If it’s not fun you’re not doing it right. My coach has me read this article “why don’t I PR everyday?” Sometimes you’re going to have bad days, weeks, or on some movements you may not pr for months at a time. It’s ok! Keep working, it will come back around. Don’t just focus on weaknesses or on what you like. Hit it all. And if you have a coach, listen to them!”


Olivier Martin

Martin, OlivierOlivier Martin 

CrossFit SouthSide, 34, M

Instagram: cfolivier

Open Score In SouthEast Region: Rank 16 | Total Points (255)

Olivier Martin began incorporating CrossFit into his workout back in 2007 when a workout buddy showed him the free daily CrossFit workouts listed on Olivier worked out independently until 2011 when he walked into CrossFit Southside while waiting for his car windshield to be replaced.

An athletic kid, Olivier grew up playing soccer and tennis. He joined the Navy as a Naval Aircrewman leading him to become a rescue swimmer and continued coaching youth sports, playing soccer, riding mountain bikes, hiking, surfing, kayaking and participating in mud runs and triathlons.

Olivier MartinSince he was on deployment the year prior, Olivier has dedicated himself to his training this year with a mix of the WOD at CrossFit SouthSide in the AM, Invictus WOD at CrossFit Intracoastal at lunch, followed by accessory work in the evening. Thursday’s he swaps out a workout for swimming and Sundays are his rest day… usually. No promises. As a father, husband and Naval Air crewman, every minute of his time is accounted for. He has currently put his social life and any extracurricular activities on hold to incorporate his dedicated training schedule.
Olivier would not be here today without the amazing people that gave him their expertise, support and most of all, time. He credits Angie, the SouthSide Family, the Crossfit Intracoastal Family, brother Shariff and cousin Ryan and everyone that he has come in contact with throughout his journey for helping him become who he is today.

First WOD: 11.1 which was 7 rounds of 15 snatches 75# and 30 double unders for time. “It was a very humbling experience as I thought that I was in shape but could not do two double unders in a row, I had to do singles the whole WOD. After the WOD I realized that it’s not about your strengths it’s about not having weaknesses.”

Worst and most memorable WOD: 15.5 “I had to go to a place that I never have before. I only remember Ryan Gravelines voice and Angie’s eyes. It was so bad that in the video I noticed that he pushed me to the bar and back to the rower for the last round. After the WOD Angie asked me how long am I going to keep doing this to myself. I said as long as I can.”.

Olivier MartinAdvice for someone considering trying CrossFit: “The biggest concern for people that want to try CrossFit is that they are not in shape to do CrossFit. CrossFit is for everyone regardless of your age or fitness level. Your coach will tailor the WOD to your level. Try different boxes, most of them have open gyms on Saturday mornings, you really want to have a box that suits you and your needs. A box that has a well-structured program is key, reputable coaches, diverse coaches(gymnastics, Olympic lifting etc…..), experienced coaches and good people are as important as well.”

Advice for those already CrossFitting: “What is your goal? Everything that you want toachieve requires sacrifice. Put in the time and you will get results. The reason why CrossFit is amazing is becomes of people, people helping people, people motivating people. Be humble. Be thankful. Not being able to snatch 275# is just as frustrating to you as not being able to do a double unders is to someone else. Never think that your needs are more important than someone else’s.”  


The top 200 masters athletes in five age divisions are invited to compete in the Masters Qualifier. The masters are divided into five male and female age categories, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60-plus. Masters athletes completed four events on their own from Thursday, April 23 to Monday, April 27. From there, the top 20 masters athletes worldwide are invited to advance directly to the CrossFit Games.
Jennifer Hauser

Hauser, JenniferJennifer Dieter Hauser 

Crucible CrossFit, 41, F

Instagram: @jencfmhauser

Facebook: Jennifer Dieter Hauser

Open Score In SouthEast Region: Rank 1 | Total Points (17)

With similar backgrounds in competitive gymnastics and collegiate springboard divers, Jennifer Hauser was practically dragged three years ago by her sister to a workout at Crucible CrossFit. She was instantly hooked while doing burpees on her third workout when she realized she would never push herself to work that hard on her own.

Jennifer keeps a busy schedule working as a physical therapist in an outpatient orthopedic setting and  managing six offices for Select Physical Therapy in the Jacksonville area. She and her husband also have three children ages 13 (Lily), 11 (Jacob) and 8 (Dylan). In order to maximize time away from her family, Jennifer is at the gym bright and early at 5:30 am every day during the week. Due to a very streamlined routine and a supportive husband, their days are a busy juggle, but thanks to independent children, it works.

Jennifer Dieter HauserToughest WOD: 14 minute AMRAP

24 feet handstand walking with a 180 degree turn on my hands at the 12 foot mark

4 ring muscle ups right into 8 ring dips

8 kneeling to squatting jumps with 2 pistols

Advice for someone considering trying CrossFit: “…do your research.  Find a CrossFit box that has great programming and great coaching as a first step. Then be ready to work hard, but finish your first week feeling like you could do more…let your body get used to it and gradually increase your workload once your form and mechanics of the movement are correct!”

Advice for an experienced CrossFitter: “When I first started CrossFit at the age of 39, as a mom with three kids, I thought that my fitness levels were stagnant.  I think that my only goal was to maintain.  I really didn’t think that I could get stronger.  I was amazed to see results in my strength and endurance.  My goals have gradually grown and changed over these three years!  Don’t be afraid to set goals for yourself!  I was very gun-shy to set a goal of making it to the CrossFit Games, for fear of not accomplishing it.  Set your mind to accomplishing your goal and give it your all. Know that you didn’t leave anything in the tank.  Know that you gave it your all.  Whether your goal is being able to keep up with your children, weight loss, strength gains, competing or making it to the Games, don’t be afraid to go for it!!”


While the following individuals may not have qualified for Regionals or the Games, their background, lifestyle and 2015 Open or Masters finish warrants them a feature.

TJ Cooper

Cooper, TJ

CrossFit East, 53, M

Open Score In SouthEast Region: Rank 10 | Total Points (120)

In 2001, TJ Cooper had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Greg Glassman who discussed fitness protocols for police and ultimately trained under Glassman for 6 years.

In 2002, TJ formed the the third CrossFit affiliate in the entire world, making his box the first in Jacksonville, first in Florida, even the first on the entire East Coast!   With a background of 29 years in traditional Japanese martial arts (Shotokan, Yoshinkan and Kobudo), 5 years wrestling, and 30 years Police Tactics, TJ has been CrossFitting for over 12 years and now trains 4-6 days a week.

First WOD: Cindy vs Greg Audmonson. He was doing plus 2.

Most Memorable WOD: WOD with Chris Russell at CrossFit JAX “It WAS Epic.”

Advice for someone considering trying CrossFit: “Stay basic, do a fundamentals class, you owe it to yourself to experience proper training protocols. There is no way to know unless you immerse yourself in technique. Get a good trainer, not just a fun one.“

Advice for an experienced CrossFitter: “Do advanced courses,  Go train with other coaches. IMMERSE yourself in fundamentals and keep learning.”  

Tristan Hoffman

Hoffman, TristanTristan Hoffmann

Black Fin CrossFit, 17, M

Instagram: TristanHoffmann2

Facebook: Tristan Hoffmann – CrossFit Athlete

Open Score In SouthEast Region: Rank 2 | Total Points (26)

With new divisions added to the CrossFit Games in 2015, Tristan was able to compete while only 17 years of age. Tristan Hoffman ranked an impressive second place in the SouthEast division and first in the state of Florida. Unfortunately only the top ten athletes in the world in his division advance directly to the games where Tristan placed 19th.   With a background in baseball, Tristan was introduced to CrossFit at the age of 12 by his parents who now own BlackFin Crossfit. He trains multiple times a day 5 to 6 times a week. Everything revolves around his workouts though when asked if he follows a specific diet, Tristan responded “No, I’m 17.”

Most Memorable Wod: “My most memorable was coming from behind and getting 19 muscle ups, taking first place in a Muscle Up Jackie during a competition.”

Advice for someone considering trying CrossFit: “Go for it!  Trust the coach.”   Advice for an experienced CrossFitter: “Continue to trust the coach and have fun.”

Tristan Hoffmann

Jim Lanier

Jim Lanier  Lanier, Jim

CrossFit West Jax, 63, M

Open Score In SouthEast Region: Rank 2 | Total Points (28)

Jim Lanier always enjoyed sports such as baseball, football, soccer, golf and running. Regardless of his active lifestyle throughout his life, around the time he turned 50 he had added on a few unwanted weight. Coupled with a family history of vascular disease, Jim was motivated to mix up his routine adding heavy weight training, running and a low carb diet. Seeing improvement but still lacking the cardio improvement he desired, he decided to check out CrossFit West Jax. Knowing this was the game changer he was looking for, he was hooked after one session.

With six years of CrossFit under his belt, Jim now trains 4 to 6 times a week in the normal class programming at CrossFit West Jax. When he’s not working, he’s owns an optometrist practice with his business partner in Riverside and Ponte Vedra Beach. He also dedicates time to his Rotary Club and Church as well. He and his wife of 35 years, Susie, have two grown children, Jimmy and Meredith. Jim says “Life is about balance and balancing work, family and health can be done. But it takes coordinated effort and determination.”

Jim Lanier In just six years of CrossFit, Jim participated in the 2012 Crossfit Open where he finished 9th worldwide in the Masters 60+ division earning him a spot in the 2012 Crossfit Games in Carson, CA. where he finished 13th! In 2013, he again placed 13th in the open in the Masters 60+ division and returned to Carson where he placed 17th overall. He sat out of the Open in 2014 for health reasons and participated again this year finishing 39th.

“I’m 63 years old now and am still setting PRs in my lifting. I set 2 PRs this year during the Open competition in the 1 rep snatch and the clean and jerk. Tell me one other sport where you can set PRs at 63!” Jim remarked!

First WOD: His first WOD after his fundamentals course was a combination of push ups, box jumps and Kettlebells. “I was last to finish and I couldn’t believe the entire box was standing around me encouraging me and cheering me on. It made the intolerable tolerable and I finished. I couldn’t wait to come back the next day and I still feel that same way today.”

Worst WOD: While training for the 2013 CrossFit Games, coach Nick Hawkes programmed two-a-days. One particular training session included a 20-minute AMRAP of 20 thrusters (105lb), 20 pull ups, and 20 bar facing burpees. “Thought it would never end!”

Advice for someone considering trying CrossFit: “Crossfit is for anyone! I mean that. Anyone who is serious, really serious about getting fit and healthy should consider giving it a try. By “try” I mean commit 6 weeks to it, 4 times per week. You don’t have to go crazy with the diet either. Nutrition management will come as the performance increases. For someone considering it, I say: find a box that is convenient to your home or work. I have visited many boxes across America and I’ve never been to a bad one. If you have a friend that is already a crossfitter, join them in the beginning. It helps to have a friend to start with. It will change your life!”

Advice for an experienced CrossFitter: “Be proud of what you have accomplished but never get too comfortable where you are. If you aren’t pushing yourself (doing the workouts Rx even if you finish last) you are missing out on the magic which happens only when you  get real uncomfortable. Pushing yourself to be better and stronger is what forges you as a person and a crossfitter. When you want to quit, but don’t is where the growth is. Always remember, the lesson to be learned is in the struggle, not in the prize!!”  

Jerry Rivkind

Rivkind, JerryJerry Rivkind

Crucible CrossFit, 53, M

Facebook: Jerry Rivkind

Instagram: Jrivkind

Open Score In SouthEast Region: Rank 17 | Total Points (167)

Jerry Rivkind stumbled upon CrossFit. After lifting weights and running for several years, he found himself searching for workouts online where he discovered CrossFit. Later after driving by Crucible CrossFit multiple times, he finally dropped in and has been a member ever since. He now works as a Database Administrator while training 7 days a week.

First WOD: A combination of running, wall balls and push-ups “Freakin awesome, I may die.”

Most Memorable WOD: Amanda during the 2014 Master Qualifier. “Never had done a muscle up… Learned Friday night and completed the workout RX the next day.”

Advice for someone considering trying CrossFit: “Crossfit is what you make of it… Have fun,  be safe, and enjoy the community.”

Advice for an experienced CrossFitter: “Mobility, mobility, mobility.”

Susan Wallis

Wallis, SusanSusan Wallis on the right with her daughter Chrissy Wallis Henry

CrossFit Duval, 62, F

Facebook: Susan Wallis

Twitter: smjw_iron

Open Score In SouthEast Region: Rank 2 | Total Points (16)

Motivated by her daughter that joined CrossFit, Susan Wallis joined started CrossFit in 2009 to supplement her triathlon training. When her daughter and son-in-law opened CrossFit Duval, she increased her training which is now 3 to 4 times a week each for CrossFit and Triathlon often completing double workouts many days. She’s participated in the Open since 2011 when there were less than 100 women in her Masters age group!

Even though Susan is a widow and a retired math teacher, she finds herself even busier than when she was employed due to her time spent training, volunteering at the American Red Cross Volunteer Life Saving Corps, volunteering with serveral ministries at church, tutoring neighborhood math students, participating as a member of the local triathlon club and volunteering at local triathlon events.

Her athletic background begin with cheerleading in highschool and college where she was pre-Title IX. She began running when she turned 30, has completed serveral marathons and added triathlons and eventually ironmans in her late 30s.

First WOD: The baseline test given on her first day. “The owner was not expecting much from a 50+ women, but I surprised him (my triathlon background). After, I knew I was going to like it.

Most Memorable WOD: Down and Back Chipper, event 7 from the 2014 Games Masters Competition. “I won that one, as it was my kind of workout”

Advice for someone considering trying CrossFit: “A good CrossFit gym will help you get stronger and guide you to better nutrition choices for a better quality of life. Functional fitness is for everyone, and workouts are scaled to be challenging, but doable.”

Advice for an experienced CrossFitter: “Stay committed to consistent attendance to gain the most from your membership. Do local competitions to enjoy the camaraderie of other crossfitters and to test your progress. Do a new thing every day to challenge yourself!”

Noel Famy

Noel Famy photo borrowed from  CF Experience facebook Famy, Noel 

MSAC CrossFit, 40, M

Open Score In SouthEast Region: Rank 12 | Total Points (156)





Tom Wolter

Wolter, Tom

Black Fin CrossFit, 62, M

Open Score In SouthEast Region: Rank 18 | Total Points (115)

See the Action!

Interested in cheering on our local athletes from home? Visit for live streaming of every event beginning at 9 am local time every day.

Weekend 1: May 15-17, 2015

South Regional | South Central, South West and Latin America | Dallas Convention Center – Dallas, Texas

Atlantic Regional | Mid Atlantic and South East | Georgia World Congress Center – Atlanta, Georgia

Weekend 2: May 22-24, 2015

California Regional | NorCal and SoCal | Del Mar Arena – Del Mar, California

East Regional | North East and Canada East | XL Center Arena – Hartford, Connecticut

Pacific Regional | Australia and Asia | Win Sports & Entertainment Center – Wollongong, Australia

Weekend 3: May 29-31, 2015

West Regional | North West and Canada West | Tacoma Dome – Tacoma, Washington

Central Regional | North Central and Central East | Minneapolis Convention Center – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Meridian Regional | Europe and Africa | Ballerup Super Arena – Copenhagen, Denmark






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