Issue 10 • February 2013

Another Way to Work the Love Muscle

The heart is by far the most important muscle of all. It provides the other muscles and organs everything they need to function.

It does this by circulating blood, which carries vital oxygen and nutrients to all of the cells in the body. What do you do to exercise your heart? Run, cycle, or swim? All of these are great ways to exercise the heart but one thing that rarely comes to mind is strength training.


Strength training can also improve your cardiovascular level of fitness. One determining factor of what strength training will do for you is rest between sets. In traditional strength training an athlete may complete a few heavy squats, push-ups or pull-ups until fatigue and then return for another set after a few minutes of rest. This is great for building muscle and strength.

Now if you were to perform those same exercises without rest between sets your heart and entire cardiovascular system is really gonna have to kick it up a notch. This type of training is not only good for building muscular strength but cardiovascular endurance as well.

So, if you’ve ever skipped the weights to ensure getting your cardio in or just want to switch it up, try this routine and decide for yourself if your heart is working. If you have a heart rate monitor, wear it, it will give you a clear idea of how your body is performing.

The 4 excerises on the right will get your heart pumping. Try 5 rounds of 15 reps for each.

Note: This article is not suggesting one method of training is better than another to exercise the heart. It is simply providing an alternate way. The best method of exercise is always going to be the one you are willing to do.

Kettle Bell Swings

683 709

Bent-Over Row

712 713


710 711


721 722

Anthony Duran

Anthony Duran

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