904's FittestIssue 13 • May 2013

904’s Fittest: Susan Wallis

With so many accomplishments – it’s difficult to know where to begin when you’re referring to Susan Wallis. From 2012 to the present, Susan, or Mom, as I call her has placed: 5th 2013 Gate River Run 7th 2012 Ironman Hawaii 1st 2012 Ironman Florida, qualifying her for 2013 Ironman …

Issue 11 • March 2013

Mobility Is A Necessity

Just as important as being strong & cardio-vascularly fit, is keeping your body mobile, healthy & free of injury. Here are FOUR ways CrossFitters are keeping mobile to prepare for the 2013 CrossFit Games Open Qualifier: Wall Facing Squats Arms may be placed overhead or at sides. Start at a …

Issue 10 • February 2013

Are you the Fittest on Earth?

Fittest On EARTH — this is the title given to the man & woman who win the CrossFit Games. So how does one earn this title? And what does it even mean? CrossFit has become one of the fastest growing sports on earth. The CrossFit Games are a grueling test …