featuredIssue 24 • May 2014

VooDoo Flossing

We all know what to do for general aches from training, right? A little ice maybe a hot bath with some Epsom Salt. What if there was a way to get similar relief and over time actually alter and enhance your movement efficiency? We’ve all rolled around on a foam …

Issue 18 • October 2013

Why You Should Be Doing Front Sqauts

If you are looking for an exercise that combines; strength, flexibility, balance and increases your metabolism, then look no further than Squats. It maybe, pre-conceived that Squats can be bad for your knees but that just isn’t the case provided that they are done with proper form. A front squat …

Issue 15 • July 2013

What’s Your VO2max?

Every day we wake up, take in a deep breath of air and start our day. We think nothing of it and how that same breath can impact how far and how long we can go at a high intensity work out. Whether you prefer running or high intensity resistance …