Corporate WellnessIssue 23 • April 2014

Leading By Example

Welcome to Martin Gottlieb and Associates. Business owner and philanthropist Mel Gottlieb takes his health seriously. He takes the health of his employees seriously too. Twelve years ago, Mel suffered a heart attack. Fortunately he survived, but it was a wakeup call to change a few habits. Through diet and …

Issue 18 • October 2013

How to Outrun Zombies

So, you went and did it! You finally signed up for a zombie race. You have been reading about them forever now and thought, why not?!? Zombie Fitness: No Pain, No Pain One of the advantages of being a zombie is that you do not feel pain or fatigue. So …

Issue 16 • August 2013

Training For Success

There was a time when personal trainers worked only with the rich or famous. However, with a national focus on preventative health care and with the rising obesity epidemic, the general population is looking for health and fitness guidance. Currently, more and more people are looking to hire the services …

904's FittestIssue 12 • April 2013

904’s Fittest: Jim Lanier

Athlete Profile Age: 61 Birthdate: 11/01/51 Height: 5ft 9in Weight: 180lbs Married for 33 Years Father of 2 Rankings Currently Ranked 1st in the World Crossfit Open Men’s Masters Division 2012 Placed 13th In the World Crossfit Games Men’s Masters Division 2012 Placed 9th In the World Crossfit Open Men’s …

Issue 11 • March 2013

Marathon High Trains Local Teens for the 26.2 with Donna Half-Marathon… and Life

If you see teenagers running around town, with bright red shirts, cheer extra loud for them! These students are part of Marathon High. A regional nonprofit program dedicated to empowering high school students throughout Northeast Florida by training for and completing a half-marathon. The goal of this program is to …

Issue 09 • January 2013

Creating a Fit Future

It’s a busy time of year at the Shannon Miller Foundation! Now that we’ve passed the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we are preparing for our own special “season”. The Shannon Miller Foundation is a grassroots organization that seeks to teach Jacksonville’s kids a lifelong love of physical …