Issue 25 • June 2014

904’s Fittest:Teale Beckenbach

Swim Suit Provided by Isla James [foogallery id=”3060″] Name: Teale Beckenbach Height: 5’2 Weight: 123 Age: 24 Race stats: Tomoka Sprint Triathlon: 2nd Place overall Female St. Anthony’s Olympic Triathlon: 1st place age group 2:25:23 The Great Clermont Triathlon: 2nd Place age group 2:21:45 Bone Island 70.3 Triathlon: 1st place …

Issue 24 • May 2014Local Inspiration

How One Woman Uses Her Story, Her Voice and Her Health

Moms are good story tellers. They stitch narratives in the fabric of our lives starting with a sharp-toothed, hairy grandmother, a red cape and maybe even a burning bush. Melinda Henry is a mom who understands the power of a story that bubbles with trouble. For her, stories are brilliant …

904's FittestIssue 24 • May 2014

904’s Fittest: Jennifer Hauser

Name: Jennifer Hauser Age: 40 Height: 5’2” Weight: 128 lbs Results from CrossFit OPEN 2014 Masters Division – Southeast Region: 5th place Masters Division – Worldwide: 49th place Qualified for next level of Masters on April 17th-21st Personal Records Snatch: 135# Clean and Jerk: 160# Clean: 180# Overhead squat: 170# …

904's FittestIssue 23 • April 2014

904’s Fittest: The Austin Twins

When we try to determine the strongest triathletes, we look at swim, bike and run splits. But when determining the most powerful innovators in our community, we look closely at social reach. For identical twins, Ryan and Aaron Austin, the record is even. The brothers have been competing side by …

Issue 23 • April 2014

Delfina Women’s Racing Team

Jacksonville Addressing Gender Imbalance on 2 Wheels If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a uniquely pink peloton around town racing the sunset. After attending Delafina’s launch party on March 7 at Open Road however, I’m sure these extraordinary women cyclists and their supporters will be hard to …

904's FittestIssue 22 • March 2014

904’s Fittest: Chris Roman

Ultra-runners are different than you and me. They run more, way more. While running gargantuan distances seems like a mile addiction, local ultra-runner, Chris Roman, is surprisingly well-balanced. Most of us would consider his latest accomplishment, running a grueling 135 miles in Brazil, a superhuman feat, but running is to …

Issue 21 • February 2014

Clinton Health Matters Initiative

As a 904Fitness representative, I attended a community gathering on December 18, put on by the Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI). CHMI is one of the Clinton Foundation’s initiatives dedicated to reducing the prevalence of preventable health outcomes, closing health disparity gaps, and increasing access to healthy environments (be it …

Issue 21 • February 2014

Coffee for Me, Coffee for You. Run for Me, Run for You.

Have you ever made it to the Starbucks drive-thru window only to learn the person ahead of you paid for your coffee? Have you ever paid it forward? This sort of reciprocal giving, be it small, has a way of making a difference in my day. I’m suddenly aware someone …


Getting Away, Close to Home

Situated half way between a Key West Caribbean breeze and a wintry Appalachian north, Jacksonville is the perfect starting place for a variety of active vacations. While hiking a cold, crispy Smoky Mountain trail with nothing but protein bars and Whole Foods peanut butter sounds like heaven, the thought of …

Issue 20 • January 2014Local Inspiration

Daryl Walker: Forsight for a Goal

Despite limitations, there’s always opportunity for competition. Ironically, we often face our greatest limitations when competing with ourselves. Although Daryl Walker is nearly 6 feet tall and hits the court almost every day, he has never competed against Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Vince Carter. In fact, the day he …