Corporate WellnessIssue 15 • July 2013

Building a Culture of Health and Wellness

This month we’re reviewing a company that has built a culture of health and wellness, first by establishing the foundation then continually developing one block at a time, Crowley Maritime Corporation ( To do this Crowley has identified a handful of important components that have helped in its success: leadership support, branding of the program, communication and most importantly, continued employee involvement.

Crowley’s leadership team understands the significance of instilling corporate wellness into the culture of the company. This support is crucial, but even more importantly there is also participation by upper management; an example of what Crowley calls “Shadow of a Leader”. Through leadership involvement an example is set; it shows commitment, influences others to participate and highlights the importance of the program. Leadership is even kind enough to share their personal success stories! Nothing’s better than seeing someone walk-the-walk, right!?

Well Tip: Foundation

Utilize active leaders and influencers within the organization to promote wellness efforts and encourage other decision makers to get involved.

Spread the word! Branding a wellness program is a great tool when communicating efforts to employees, as well as, using the brand/logo to co-brand with current vendors. This helps employees identify the origin and who’s supporting a specific program or event. A logo and slogan can also help represent the focus of the company’s wellness program. Crowley has created a brand and logo focused on their approach to overall wellbeing called, “Live Well – For Today and Tomorrow”. Once a logo has been created it can be plastered everywhere: on t-shirts for events, communications, internal websites, etc.

Well Tip: Frame

Strategically partner with current vendors and internal departments to co-brand and tie-in the wellness program while supporting other company efforts.

Crowley’s communication of their “Live Well” program is apparent through their monthly newsletter the “Live Well Digest”, new intranet website and their recent “Live Well Road Show”. The Road Show is a tour visiting other Crowley offices across the country to share face-to-face with employees the updated wellness program, information on partnering vendors and the revised, incentivized outcomes based approach. The more information is communicated and shared consistently across the organization the more employees will get the big picture.

Well Tip: Tools

Communicate the wellness program through various venues to provide a consistent message.

There is nothing more exciting, inspirational and helpful than seeing employee participation and hearing testimonials.

Crowley’s employees have taken the wellness program to the next level. As the “Live Well” program continues to grow many employees have bought in and are enthusiastic; they take initiative to implement activities, encourage each other to participate, offer new ideas and more. Now this is how a program will continue to expand!

Well Tip: Build

Identify supportive influencers within the organization that will spread the word, set an example and create a wellness committee.

Use these tools to build, develop and expand a culture of health and wellness one block at a time!

Stay Healthy My Friends!

Katy Keene

Katy Keene

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