904's FittestIssue 12 • April 2013

904’s Fittest: Jim Lanier

Athlete Profile Age: 61 Birthdate: 11/01/51 Height: 5ft 9in Weight: 180lbs Married for 33 Years Father of 2 Rankings Currently Ranked 1st in the World Crossfit Open Men’s Masters Division 2012 Placed 13th In the World Crossfit Games Men’s Masters Division 2012 Placed 9th In the World Crossfit Open Men’s …

Jason Fe Langston
904's FittestIssue 11 • March 2013

904’s Fittest: Jason Fe Langston

Athlete Profile Name: Jason Fe Langston Age: 35 Birthdate: 11/06/77 Height: 5’8” Weight: 155lb Each month I am pleasantly surprised by the amazing people we share Jacksonville with. This month I had the chance to meet Jason Langston. Over the years you may have heard of him as the one …

904's FittestIssue 10 • February 2013

904’s Fittest: Kacie Cleveland

Athlete Profile Age: 27 Height: 5’6” Weight: 127lbs Birthdate: 05/07/1985 World Record for fastest crossing of America on inline skates, beating the previous record by more than 22 days First female to inline skate across America World Record for most elevation climbed in a stairwell on a team of 4 …

904's FittestIssue 09 • January 2013

904’s Fittest: Troy Alston

When you look at the Jacksonville skyline do you ever wonder, “how fast could I climb to the top of the tallest building downtown?” I didn’t either until last month when I heard about local athlete Troy Alston and him being a world known Tower Climber. Tower Climbers are athletes …

904's FittestIssue 08 • November 2012

904’s Fittest: Jared Bynum

I first met Jared Bynum several years ago through Personal Running Solutions (PRS) when his wife Kelli, an avid runner, dragged him to a group run. It’s not that Jared was averse to exercise: Matter of fact, he was already in great shape, but running was just never his “thing.” …

904's FittestIssue 07 • October 2012

904’s Fittest: Erin Carter

ATHLETE PROFILE Name: Erin Carter Age: 34 Birthdate: 5/18/78 Weight: 130 lbs Qualified in the Crossfit Regionals 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Placed in the top 15 in Sectionals 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 1st place in the I Can Games 1st place in the Survival of the Fittest Games Masters in …

904's FittestIssue 05 • August 2012

904’s Fittest: Shannon Miller

Article by Rebecca Boehm Photography by Elena Rodriguez Age: 27 Birthdate: 8/28/84 Height: 5’4.5″ Weight: 110 lbs Shannon Miller has many accomplishments under her belt and is hoping to add another as an Olympic athlete. The 27-year old runner, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor is on her way to …

904's FittestIssue 04 • July 2012

904’s Fittest: Eddie and Sarah Suero

Photography by Michelle J. Varela Eddie Suero Age: 37 Birthdate: 8/3/74 Height: 5’8″ Weight: 160 lbs Favorite Type of Practice: Ashtanga Vinyasa Sarah Suero Age: 28 Birthdate: 8/3/83 Height: 5’8″ Weight: 150 lbs Favorite Type of Practice: Vinyasa Q: Eddie, what would you say to the people who hear the …

904's FittestIssue 03 • June 2012

904’s Fittest: Jennifer Hanley-Pinto

Nickname: JC Age: 34 Birthday: June 30th Height: 5’5″ Weight: 120 lbs Jennifer Hanley-Pinto (JC for short) is a local runner/triathlete whose accolades include female champion at several large half-marathons, age group wins in Olympic and half-ironman triathlons, and overall female champion in sprint triathlons. You can find JC at …