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Spending Corporate Wellness Dollars Wisely

In the world of corporate wellness, finding programs that employees will use and enjoy remains a constant challenge for companies. Organizations are spending an average of $700 per employee, per year – from their insurance carrier or internal operating budgets – on programs that just don’t deliver results. Take big-box …

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The Business of Health Wellness with Naomi Whittel

Health wellness is a big business, with global sales projected to reach a record high of $1 trillion by 2017. Acclaimed entrepreneur Naomi Whittel, who has launched more than 140 science-based health products and last year sold her six-year-old nutritional supplement company, Reserveage Nutrition, for $37 million, will be speaking …

Corporate WellnessIssue 24 • May 2014

It’s About Progress Not Perfection

Experienced athletes know to warm up and stretch prior to starting their daily workout. Unison Industries also understands the value of stretching before employees start a shift that requires fine motor skills. That’s why they conduct stretch classes specifically designed for production workers who use the same muscles throughout the …

Corporate WellnessIssue 23 • April 2014

Leading By Example

Welcome to Martin Gottlieb and Associates. Business owner and philanthropist Mel Gottlieb takes his health seriously. He takes the health of his employees seriously too. Twelve years ago, Mel suffered a heart attack. Fortunately he survived, but it was a wakeup call to change a few habits. Through diet and …

Corporate WellnessIssue 22 • March 2014

Corporate Fitness

Successful corporate wellness programs don’t always start at the top. 904Fitness experienced this meeting Connie Smith, Dennis Holler, and the FIS/Black Knight employees for a lunchtime group run. These employees are motivated to get healthy, run farther, and race… without too much help from the boss. Employee enthusiasm has changed …

Corporate WellnessIssue 17 • September 2013

Interchanges’ Corporate Fitness: A Compound Approach

This month, 904Fitness highlights a local company that prioritizes health and fitness in a unique way. Interchanges is a Jacksonville-based, marketing company. They are a small business; they don’t have an in-house gym, a company workout t-shirt, or employee sporting events. What they do have – small health incentives and …

Corporate WellnessIssue 15 • July 2013

Building a Culture of Health and Wellness

This month we’re reviewing a company that has built a culture of health and wellness, first by establishing the foundation then continually developing one block at a time, Crowley Maritime Corporation ( To do this Crowley has identified a handful of important components that have helped in its success: leadership …

Corporate WellnessIssue 14 • June 2013

Corporate Wellness… What?

What is corporate wellness? Why is it important? How do I implement corporate wellness? Where do I find more information? What are other companies doing for wellness? These are just some of the questions I will address for you through the corporate wellness section. My name is Katy Keene and …

Corporate WellnessIssue 01 • April 2012

The CSI Companies, Inc.: Not your typical employee health and fitness plan

Feel the urge to put a co-worker in a chokehold? Don’t answer that out loud… But if you’re thinking yes, you might want to consider a career at CSI Companies Inc. Every Friday at its Jacksonville on-site gym, CSI hosts a grappling and sparring session for its employees, lead by …