Issue 05 • August 2012Local Inspiration

April Martin: Running for a Reason

What do you do when you feel too small against an opponent who seems to be the giant puppeteer controlling your every move?

Issue 04 • July 2012Local Inspiration

Bev Cable: The Hard Work Dedication Story of the Month

Article by Emily Turner Photography by Michelle J. Varela You know those defining moments in life? Bev Cable’s happened when she weighed 230 pounds. She never really defined herself as overweight, but she did when ‘it’ hit her. “I just decided, alright, it’s time. I’m going to do something with …

Issue 03 • June 2012Local Inspiration

I faced a different kind of adversary.. and won

Four years ago, my life was turned upside down. In August 2008, I began experiencing severe joint pain and fatigue, to the point where it was difficult to function. Several doctor visits and dozens of tests later, no one could pinpoint the problem. Two months later I began running a …

Issue 02 • May 2012Local Inspiration

From Ironwoman to Mom Susan Wallis does it all

There are two sides to Susan Wallis. One is a competitive athlete that rips through Ironman races and pumps iron in CrossFit workouts. This Susan has participated in 36 Ironman races, dozens of marathons, and recently completed 106 burpees to place first nationally in the March CrossFit Open competition. The …

Issue 01 • April 2012Local Inspiration

Jacksonville mom runs Jacksonville’s 35th River Run for the first time

For the “streakers,” this year’s Gate River Run was their 35th time. For Deborah Rogers, who six months ago could not run more than ten feet, it was her first. Deborah Rogers has only been to the Gate River Run twice. Last year, she participated as a volunteer and handed …