Issue 22 • March 2014Running

Training for a Faster 5K

So you have mastered the Couch to 5k plan and now you want to get faster. Running faster is easy, right? It is not quite that simple! With science and media pushing new ideas at you on every internet search, training can be overwhelming. After 20 plus years of running …

Issue 08 • November 2012Running

What’s a Fartlek?

Alright, maybe you’re not quite ready for a long distance fall race but you signed up for a 5k, and you’re ready to get serious with your training. So, what’s the first step? If you’re drawing a blank about how to start things up, then you are not alone. Do …

Issue 04 • July 2012Running

Off the Beaten Path: Jacksonville Running Trails

Article by Greg Lawrence Sometimes I run because I feel like it. However, often times I run because I feel like I have to.  When I get a few of the “have to” runs in a row, I mix things up by running one of Jacksonville’s many nature trails. Trail …