Corporate WellnessIssue 14 • June 2013

Corporate Wellness… What?

What is corporate wellness? Why is it important? How do I implement corporate wellness? Where do I find more information? What are other companies doing for wellness?

These are just some of the questions I will address for you through the corporate wellness section. My name is Katy Keene and I am the Manager of Employee Programs at Crowley Maritime Corporation where I manage our Corporate Health and Wellness Program. I am certified as a Wellness Program Coordinator and Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. Outside of the office I also enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle through regular exercise, a balanced nutrition plan and competing in fitness competitions. So let’s talk about Corporate Wellness…

Any of these buzz words sound familiar: “corporate wellness”, “culture of health”, “worksite wellness”, “health promotion”, “well-being”? With the mounting health concerns and costs in our society, new terms are being utilized and growing wellness programs becoming increasingly popular to help address and combat these problems in our offices, homes and communities. Corporate wellness, or worksite wellness, typically incorporates a designed health promotion program and activities to encourage and support healthy behaviors, improve health results and benefit organizations as a whole. A little broad, right? Well the great thing is organizations can implement wellness programs at various levels based on their budget and resources to work towards tackling these growing health troubles.

As more and more corporate wellness programs are developed to support a healthier culture and reduce excess spending the more you will see the wide range of programs emerging in all companies large and small. Companies with limited wellness budgets may partner with current vendors and utilize free external resources to implement programs and tools for employee wellness, like: walking groups, flex time, sports teams, coaching programs, volunteer activities, learning sessions, etc. You’re also seeing more robust wellness programs becoming incentivized to increase engagement and develop behavioral change through programs that link healthy activities and outcomes to employee benefit discounts or contributions to the employee’s Health Savings Account (HSA).

Health and wellness is a growing concern within our community and across our nation, and it’s being recognized. It’s important that we take a step in the right direction to support and encourage this culture of health. Corporate wellness provides benefits to both employers and employees; it’s a win-win. Organizations benefit from reduced costs and increased productivity, while employees become healthier with increased engagement and value. We all have the opportunity to benefit from this exciting wellness venture. So get on board!

Stay Healthy My Friends!

So who truly benefits from these “wellness programs”? Just check out some examples below:

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Benefits to Employees

  • Healthier employees
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase morale
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase knowledge and ability
  • Accountability
  • Extended culture of health influence to families and community

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Benefits to Employers

  • Reduce health benefit costs
  • Reduce sick leave time
  • Reduce workers compensation costs
  • Reduce short and long term disability claims
  • Increase presenteeism
  • Recognition within the community
  • Leadership within the community


Katy Keene

Katy Keene

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