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DIY Sporty Tank

1. First cut the neck out of t-shirt following the front neckline (this will make it a little deeper in the back) then cut the bottom seam and the sleeves off. Start about two inches in from each sleeve and make a rounded cut to the shoulder seam.shirt32. Fold the shirt in half so the fold is vertically down the center of the back. Then cut slits starting from top to bottom, starting wider at top (about 4 inches), tapering toward the bottom (about 3 inches)- usually 8-10 slits. 

shirt43. Cut each slit in half and stretch the pieces. They will stretch easily making them easier to tie.

shirt54. Tie each opposing set of strips into a knot. Just remember the tighter you tie, the tighter the shirt will be.




Erin Fogarty

Erin Fogarty

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