Issue 20 • January 2014

In Shape Hair

Contributions by Kimberly Clark, Melissa Hersh, and Tracey Waldeck

Women have plenty of motivation for staying in shape…the LBD, swimsuit season, achieving that PR. However, when it comes to turning heads with workout hair, the truth is messy – the standard workout hairdo usually consists of a high ponytail and a bobby pin. 904Fitness checked in with 3 local hairstylists to learn a few tricks that will keep hair healthy, keep it in-place and get it date-ready.

Healthy strands

Being active is hard on our hair, right? Kimberly Clarke of the Kimberly Clarke Salon in San Marco doesn’t think so. “While sweaty hair is wet, usually has an odor and is unattractive, there’s now a quick, healthy fix,” she says. The product to use…POWDER REFRESH by Redken ($16). Clarke’s clients love it, especially after a run. Post workout, Shameka towel dries and blow dries hair only in the areas needed, crown and back of the neck. She applies Powder Refresh to the roots for an instant refreshing, oil-absorbing dry shampoo. She can then continue to flat iron, curl, or for shorter styles (men included) apply a moving cream. Clarke’s pick for men is Rough Paste also by Redken ($18).

Hair on the move

Keeping hair in place during a workout can be tricky, especially if you have bangs or layers. For Melissa Hersh of Renee’s Salon in Jacksonville, sporting a braid is the easiest way to secure shorter and longer lengths…not to mention, a hot trend for anytime hair.

  • For a Dutch Side Braid, begin by creating a deep side part and securing hair in back with a loose ponytail
  • To begin braid, divide hair in front into 3 sections. Then alternate crossing right and left sections over middle section.
  • To keep braid attached, add a small amount of surrounding hair to each of the two outer sections. Repeat the braiding steps 2 and 3 until braid reaches the end of hair line.
  • Secure braid with a rubber band or add braid into the loose ponytail.
  • Place your finger through the ponytail and pull the end of the ponytail back through the space to create a twist. Secure with a bobby pin.

Hot gym hair

A cute, post-workout hair style doesn’t have to be complicated. Tracey Waldeck of Belizza Salon in Ponte Vedra demonstrates that there’s no need to seriously fuss over dirty hair, even if you’ve worked up a serious sweat. A flirty bun is the easiest way to go from gym to hot date!

  • To achieve an After Gym Up-Do, begin by blow drying sweaty hair. Once hair is completely dry, lightly dust root area with a dry shampoo – this product will absorb oil and create a clean, dry look.
  • Secure hair into a high ponytail and spray flyaways with light hold hair spray. Use a cute head band to keep stray strands neat.
  • Divide ponytail into 4 pieces.
  • Roll the first piece by wrapping hair section around fingers and twisting until reaching the head. Secure with a bobby pin.
  • Repeat roll, twist and secure with remaining 3 pieces.


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