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My CrossFit Story

Tabbathia Rogers submitted her story to 904Fitness, motivating others to challenge themselves with new workouts. When she decided to try CrossFit as an “unfit” newbie, she had no idea how quickly she would become part of a CrossFit family or how quickly she would transform info a “fit” success story.

Making good on a promise…

I made a promise to my partner 5 years ago…to get healthy. He was committed to helping me achieve that goal, cheering me on my fitness journey. Then, he unexpectedly passed away. I sidelined my commitment to him for 5 long years, delaying the day I had to honor the promise. Finally, I grew tired of not being the person I knew I could be, and that was when I knew I was ready to get healthy for “me” as well.

As luck would have it, I met Coach Keith Martin of CrossFit AGG. The first thing I noticed when I walked into his box (term for a CrossFit gym) – the members were warm and welcoming. That impressed me, considering I had been used to workouts where no one took the time to talk to each other. A few friendly conversations and I was hooked.

Relationships are a big part of CrossFit. The people aspect makes CrossFit unique – people of all shapes and sizes can improve their physical well-being in a hardcore yet accepting and encouraging atmosphere. The members and trainers, we are like a family.

I remember the evening a CrossFit member took the time to share his story with me, how CrossFit had changed his life. That was the moment I decided to stay and do the workout, despite my intimidation. So, don’t underestimate the power of sharing your story.

The relationship with a CrossFit trainer is also invaluable. I like the aspect of having an intense workout with a hands-on trainer. Trainers will modify exercises for a member’s benefit, so everyone can do the workout. Having a coach that sees things in me that I can’t see….that makes all the difference. It’s an amazing feeling to have someone in my corner that can visualize and motivate me to work towards big goals.

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When I first began CrossFit, everything had to be modified for me. I was coming off a shoulder injury and was being very careful with every exercise. My shoulder injury has since disappeared. My flexibility and strength have tremendously improved. I have learned how to stretch and listen to my body to help prevent injury. My Coach is also instrumental in making sure I stay as injury free as possible.

CrossFit is about universal scalability. You will find all shapes and skill levels in any box. CrossFit workouts are also unique and give results. Some of my favorite exercises are squats and dead lifts. I love how when I pull heavy weight from the floor it makes me feel so powerful. The best thing about CrossFit is it’s the only sport where the loudest cheers are for the ones finishing last. It’s a sport filled with support and encouragement.

You can do it too (For the person on the couch who keeps putting off exercise).

I would recommend to anyone who is putting off exercising that you don’t have to be in shape to start. You just have to take the first step. You don’t have to walk into it being the best….just the best you.

I’m still impressed and intimidated, all at the same time. Most of us have seen the ripped CrossFit athlete lifting tires and thought “this is not for me.” Before ruling it out, go check out a box – take a look at the people who work out there and talk to a trainer.

Tabbathia has been doing CrossFit for over 8 months now. She has participated and completed her first Tough Mudder, one of the hardest workouts she has ever done. This year’s Tough Mudder fell on Tabbithia’s late partner’s birthday. Despite the physical challenge, completing the event ended up being the ultimate reward for honoring a promise to a loved one.

Tabbathia Rogers

Tabbathia Rogers


  1. Jim Lanier
    October 9, 2013 at 9:33 pm — Reply

    I love Tabbathia’s story. You can’t mistake her great smile as being genuine in that photo either. Crossfit is life changing no matter where you start from. Keep it up girl!! Proud of you!

  2. October 10, 2013 at 8:58 pm — Reply

    Great job, athlete!

  3. Eddie Trinidad
    October 29, 2013 at 10:17 am — Reply

    Keep up the great work out, as a former marathon runner I am struggling with stage 4 bone cancer but started going to the gym and feel special again. You look wonderful.

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