Runner Problem #87 What to do with all of those medals???

Sure, you can purchase a medal hanger or a decorative plaque, but really? Do you want a doughnut run medal mounted on your wall?

If you’ve got a box or drawer full of old medals you always think about throwing away but just can’t part with, try this nifty little idea! I love it because it actually makes them useful and you can show them off at the same time.

Magnetic Medals!!

fridge magnets

All you need is some super glue and some strong magnets.

race medal magnets

If you’ve managed to snag some big bling, you might want to slap a couple of magnets on there.

race medal ideas

This is also a great idea for kids just starting to run!

kids medals

If your fridge is already full you might want to try race medal coasters or even a race medal wind chime. Those are just a couple of the other ideas we’ve run across.

Have you done some cool and creative with your race medals? Share it with us on facebook or instagram!



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