Issue 25 • June 2014

“See Timmy Swim, Bike, Run”

Introducing kids to the life-long sport of triathlon is a community effort that has paid off. This year’s First Coast Kids Triathlon at Jacksonville University hosted a record number of participants, ranging in age from 6 to 15. The reasonable distances are meant to expose kids to the fun of triathlon; kid’s triathlons are more about family support than winning. Distances for each leg of the event vary by age class.

• The First Coast Kids Tri Junior athletes (ages 6-10) swim 100 yards, bike 3 miles and run ½ mile
and Senior athletes (ages 11-15) complete twice those distances.

• The BFAST Kids Tri distances vary slightly with Junior distances at 50 meter swim, 2 mile bike,
½ mile run and Senior distances at 100 meter swim, 4 mile bile and 1 mile run. BFAST Kids Tri is
scheduled for August 31, 2014 at Nocatee.

The idea that it takes a village to support children’s growth and development today is not new. For
about 10 years, nonprofits, like Kids Triathlon, Inc have been working with schools, and local businesses to invite all kids in the sport. In most cases, it starts with education. Training sessions at local YMCA branches and participating school PE programs offer kids tips and techniques for each of the 4 disciplines – swimming, biking, running and transitions. The focus is on safety and healthy, positive attitudes about triathlon.

Emphasis on Participation, Not Competition

While children’s triathlon events share some of the same features as the adult versions – race numbers and body markings – there’s one main difference. Kids are encouraged to participate, without feeling a need to train and win. Even the kids who freeze up on the pool deck get a medal!

For those of you wondering, the parents are another story. There should probably be corresponding
clinics on moderation and setting realistic expectations on kids. For now, transition areas are closed to parents, with only volunteers permitted to help kids tie shoes and hop on bikes. In the end, everyone benefits from watching kids swim, bike, and run under their own power.
To learn more about the Organization, Kids Triathlon, Inc., contact Jackie Morrison at, or find a link to the website at



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