Strong to the Finish: Core Strength Routine for Runners

Improving and maintaining core strength is critical for runners to remain injury-free. Those who know me and my coaching style know that I’m a stickler for form and mechanics and I’m certain that proper and sport-specific strength training is one key to staying healthy and holding it together late in a race (even more pertinent the longer the race).  Some would even argue that strength training is more important than stretching in terms of injury prevention in our sport.  Here are a few of my favorite core/strengthening exercises for running:

Begin with 1-2 sets of 5 repetitions per exercise:

1. Single-Leg Physio Wall-Ball Squats

2. Prone Med-ball Partner Super(wo)man Toss

3. Super(wo)man with Side Twists

4.  Forward Plank with Leg Raises

5.  Reverse Plank with Leg Raises

6.  Bridge Plank with Bent Leg Raises

7.  Dolphin Plank with Bent Leg Raises

8.  Medicine Ball Wood Chops

You can also put these exercises together in a timed sequence to form a nice circuit-style workout, perhaps one of my favorites!  If you are pressed for time this is a great way to get in a solid and effective workout with little to no equipment. You’ll achieve a nice metabolic boost from a workout of this nature which will pay dividends long after your workout is finished.

Keep running happy and strong my friends!

Julie Stackhouse

Julie Stackhouse

Julie Stackhouse is a USATF Certified Level I and II Instructor in multiple event areas. She's coached Division I collegiate cross country and track & field teams for over a decade before making personal training a full-time pursuit. Her entire life has been devoted to health and fitness, obtaining both a bachelors and masters degrees in Health and Exercise Science while competing as a scholarship athlete at Furman University. Julie's passion is sharing her expertise in the field, training individuals from novice to elite, youth to masters to achieve their personal bests, no matter their fitness goals!

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