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Summer Shoulders

I am a woman, a runner, a nurse, a personal trainer, a dog lover, and a stair mill junky. I have legs. All of my fit friends have knock out legs. As women, we tend to focus on our lower half by default and therefore become unbalanced. It shows in our slumped over posture. Unfortunately, we are missing the key piece to our fitness repertoire, which is a great pair of shoulders.

The following four exercises will help you define your deltoids. Your shoulders will be sculpted, sexy, and strong this season.

The number of repetitions can be modified based on your ability and strength. A good measure of effort is that the last three repetitions of any set should be very difficult to complete. If you’re finishing too easily then either increase your weight or increase your repetitions.

Your best workouts and results can be achieved by honing in on the mind to muscle connection. Clear your head of all the other distraction, focus on the goal of the workout, and execute. In this case, lets get rounded, beautiful shoulders that look great in a tank top, give the illusion of a tapered waist, and just happen to help you perform better in life and protect you from injury!

  1. Scaption with shrug: Begin with your arms straight and at your sides, palms facing each other. Raise your arms in front of you in a V shape. Pause at shoulder height and shrug your shoulders (shoulders to ears). Lower your shoulders then your arms to your sides. Repeat.
  2. Shoulder press: With an overhand grip, hands shoulder width and the bar roughly at the level of your collar bones. Press the bar straight up (in front of your face and over your head). Repeat.
  3. Bent-over lateral raise (rear deltoids): Using a set of dumbbells, sit on a bench or chair with your feet on the floor. Lay your chest on your thighs and let your arms extend over your toes. With palms facing your heels raise your arms laterally to shoulder height. Pause then lower your arms back toward your feet. Repeat.
  4. Dive bombers: Start in an upside down V position, bend your arms and lower your head, shoulders, chest toward your hands. When your face is closest to the floor continue to pass through your hands and push upward, lifting into an “up dog” position. Pause and reverse the movement to return to the starting position. Repeat.
Stefani Sodl

Stefani Sodl

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