CoreIssue 17 • September 2013

Susan Harmon’s Ab Workout

Med Ball Rotations

From a seated position, raise your legs off of the ground while holding onto a medicine ball. Rotate from side to side, making contact to the ground with the ball each time you rotate. Complete 20 reps per side.

Wood Choppers

While holding a medicine ball at one hip in a standing position, raise it up as quickly as possible to the opposing shoulder. Keep your arms extended throughout the movement. Immediately return the ball to the opposing hip as quickly as possible. Complete 20 reps per side.

Med Ball v-ups

Begin by lying flat on your back with your arms fully extended over your head while holding onto a medicine ball. Crunch up, raising your legs and bringing your arms forward and touching the medicine ball to your feet, forming a V with your legs and torso. Complete 20 Reps.

Hanging Leg Raise with Hip Rotation

While hanging onto a pull up bar or in this case a soccer goal, curl your hips forward and up while rotating the hips to one side. Try to complete 20 consecutive reps on one side take a break then complete 20 reps on the other side.

Susan Harmon

Susan Harmon

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