Corporate WellnessIssue 22 • March 2014

Corporate Fitness

Successful corporate wellness programs don’t always start at the top. 904Fitness experienced this meeting Connie Smith, Dennis Holler, and the FIS/Black Knight employees for a lunchtime group run. These employees are motivated to get healthy, run farther, and race… without too much help from the boss. Employee enthusiasm has changed …

Issue 21 • February 2014Total body

Playground Workout AKA The “Playout”

Gorgeous weather typically translates to an invitation to a playground for my daughter and me. Being a child at heart, I look forward to these outings just as much as I did when I was 8 and in pigtails. Whether I am racing my daughter across the monkey bars, sliding …

Issue 21 • February 2014

Ready, Set… Wait, Don’t Go!

Ladies, we have all been there – in boot camp class doing jumping jacks when you notice a little leak. It can happen while running, lifting weights, doing plyometric activities or during less strenuous activities like picking up a child.  As a former fitness instructor, avid distance runner and Urology …

Issue 21 • February 2014

Clinton Health Matters Initiative

As a 904Fitness representative, I attended a community gathering on December 18, put on by the Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI). CHMI is one of the Clinton Foundation’s initiatives dedicated to reducing the prevalence of preventable health outcomes, closing health disparity gaps, and increasing access to healthy environments (be it …

904's FittestIssue 21 • February 2014

904’s Fittest: Patt Sher and Lanier Drew

Where were you in 1984? Maybe you hadn’t even attempted your first tentative steps to becoming an athlete. Two Jacksonville women, Patt Sher and Lanier Drew, remember exactly where they were: participating in the historic 1984 Women’s Marathon Olympic Trials, along with elite female runners, such as Joan Benoit Samuelson …

Issue 21 • February 2014Local Inspiration

Perfectly Normal

Swimming, Surfing, Soccer and Flag Football. Those are Jonathan Dutton’s sports, and he’s excelled in all four. Jonathan is a 37-year-old Special Olympics Florida – Duval County athlete. He’s been an athlete for most of his life. Beginning at age 12, Jonathan’s family introduced him to Special Olympics while living …

Issue 20 • January 2014

Navigating the Overwhelming World of Nutritional Supplements

Get fit. Maximize nutrition. Recover smarter. These phrases are mantras for my NEW YEAR, NEW ME plan; so, naturally, I recruited help from my local supplement store. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping to find a magic pill to make me leaner, faster, stronger. Stepping into the …


Getting Away, Close to Home

Situated half way between a Key West Caribbean breeze and a wintry Appalachian north, Jacksonville is the perfect starting place for a variety of active vacations. While hiking a cold, crispy Smoky Mountain trail with nothing but protein bars and Whole Foods peanut butter sounds like heaven, the thought of …

904's FittestIssue 20 • January 2014

904’s Fittest: Laura Davie

904F: How did you get into weightlifting and CrossFit? LD: After my junior year at Emory University, I started Weightlifting and fell in love with the sport. From 2008-2010, I competed nationally, even after graduation. When I went back to school for my Masters’, I had to take a break from Weightlifting because I …

Issue 20 • January 2014Recipes

To Detox or Not to Detox?

With New Years offering a fresh start, you’ll probably ask yourself, “Do I need to detox?”. I have to admit, I’ve asked this question a few times. At first glance, the idea delivers wonderful benefits – immediate weight loss, a “cleaner” body and more energy. Unfortunately, most detoxes will only …