Issue 17 • September 2013

The Flyboard

I saw this on youtube a few months back and had to check it out when I heard there was one here in Jacksonville. The FlyBoard pretty much turns you into the Ironman of the water. Imagine having the power of a jet ski strapped to your feet, that’s exactly what it is… A hose is connected to a jet ski which then diverts the power to the Flyboard attached to your feet.

Before trying it out myself I watched Chris Downer owner of North Florida Flyboard and Brandon Landis tear it up with back flips, dolphin dives and 360s. Then it was my turn. For those who feel like they have absolutely zero balance, one of the coolest parts wasn’t even flying… In order to fly you have to travel to an open area, which entails you towing the jet ski. You feel like a human rocket or super hero on the water. Once we got to open water I figured out how to balance and get into the air pretty fast, however the moves I pulled off weren’t as impressive as Chris or Brandon’s. I managed to pull off a back flop, a dolphin dive, a face plant and a 60. If you’re interested in giving it a try for yourself you can contact Chris at (904) 923-1714 or check out the website

Anthony Duran

Anthony Duran

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