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Tri a Core Workout

Core training isn’t everyone’s favorite; however, all three disciplines of triathlon require core strength and stabilization. Whether you love crunches or hate them, this article will give you a much better idea of how to correctly train and strengthen your core while triathlon training.

It’s important to remember that the core consists of much more than abdominals. Strengthening your entire core as a unit is important because that’s how it functions. A strong and stable core will enable you to maintain correct form while swimming, biking, and running and will allow you to stay injury free.

The first muscle to engage in core workouts is the transverse abdominis or TVA. Draw your belly button in, like you’re buttoning jeans, while doing any full body strength exercises. This will also protect your lower back.

The glutes are also important core muscle. The two glute muscles that tend to be the weakest are the glute medius and glute maximus. When these muscles are weak, your body compensates throwing off the entire kinetic chain. This can cause you to be slower at biking and running and worst-case scenario cause hip pain, ITB pain and hamstring pain.

Exercises for Core Lovers

My favorite core exercises are where you engage many if not all of your core muscles simultaneously, such as side planks, overhead squats and mountain climbers. These exercises may be a little more advanced but one set of 8 to 10 of these will help you to keep the correct posture while swimming, biking and running.

Side Plank with Hip Drop
Bring one forearm to the ground and your feet stacked on each other lying on one side. Lower your hips then return them to the ground. Repeat 10-15 times.

Overhead Squat
Hold bar or stick with hands wide apart straight above your head with arms locked out. Keeping chin up and chest out, squat down while drawing engaging your core.

Mountain Climber
Place hands and feet on ground in push-up position and bring one knee up to the chest and switch feet.

Joy Murphy

Joy Murphy

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